Monday, November 1, 2010

armaan-Sid-Riddhima - Selfless are they really ???

What is selfess - Technically speaking as per dictionary
having little or no concern for oneself, esp. with regard to fame, position, money, etc.; unselfish.

Now my question

Whose love / concern was / is selfless -

armaan - Riddhima - Season 1 Riddhima and he were in a relationship They loved each other so effectively they wanted each other and each others happiness Hence can any of the acts be termed as selfless...... be it suicide bomb incident, taking a bullet for the other, fasting (this was done to get Shashanks appoval), etc etc etc They wanted to be togther

armaan - Post Lonavla - He says he did all to see Riddhima happy If she would be happy he says he would be Then why did he not walk away like he wanted to do earlier or just stop interfering??? Later Riddhima did the same stupidity ??? He did not do so cause he wanted to be a part of it cause he felt he was (Never understood the logic though)

What happened in the tent on the fateful night Is it selfless?
Now when he says a truth can save three lives .... Is it selfless?

Riddhima - with armaan - The same point written for armaan is applicable here

Riddhima - with Sid - Was she selfless ...... during first marriage time BIG NO She was saving her family and her honor

After armaan came back - BIG NO she was trying to do the right thing wanted to work on her marriage She saw a future with Sid.

Yes when she did separate from Sid for Naina Yuvi yes she was selfless and whom does she credit this to ....... refresh memories I shall not comment

Yes when she did separate from Sid ....... why ???? for his happiness

Yes when cleaned Sid's shoes, listened to all the taunts of her mom in law for whom

Riddhima was married to Sid on paper but was not involved with him in a relationship per say ....... is this selfless nature

Sid - Yes when he married Riddhima knowing well he will not be loved / will be always accused inspite of everything he married her for her and her family's sake He could have thought about himself he would not be jailed or no one could touch him ...... if he decided not to marry

Whenever he saved Riddhima - did not stand to benefit infact he would have died instead Is that selfless???

When he let go of her He did it cause he loved her and he wanted her happiness which in turn was his happiness Is it selfless ??? Why did he not just sign the divorce papers and walk away
or just stop being there for Riddhima ??? 
But yes ......... being honest about armaan issue was selfless act He wanted to the right thing He knew Riddhima would be hurt anywhich ways but she had the right to know ........(try understanding where I am coming from)

So who has been more Selfless ??? armaan Sid or Riddhima

Now finally so whose bond is stronger due to this selfless love or concern ????? armaan Riddhima  ???   or   Sid Riddhima ???

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