Monday, November 1, 2010

The Real Test of Riddhima Begins ..........

Title Credit goes to Jatin Thakkar

Yesterday Riddhima did not look shattered because of her broken marriage. She stated that as a matter of fact.

She was trying to be a little relaxed, trying not putting too much mind to the irritating factors in her mind, trying to find happiness and solace.

Riddhima being true to her character traits is trying to be true to the promises she made and yet be herself.

She promised the person whom she dearly cares for that she will be happy. She is now on her quest to search her happiness once again. How, with whom, where will she find her it she does not know yet she will strive to find it.

That person always respected her for what she was as an individual as a lady. She also some days back she expressed wishes to be 'The Riddhima Gupta' who not a daughter, sister, someone's desire nor a wife. She wants to be an Individual

During the last few months, this character has gone through many stages i.e. death of Riddhima (which we mourned), return of basket (which some rejoiced) and now the rise of The Riddhima Gupta - An Individual.

She well understands where she stands today and where the men in her life will stand.

She is anxious about armaan because she knows he is not one who can be trusted. He has broken it too many times in the past and may do so in future also. Hence, she is currently maintaining her distance from him regardless what feelings she has for him. (I have my own version others can have theirs).

She finds solace that Siddhant will be fine as he always does the right thing. He will fulfill the word he has given her. He is a pure heart.

She has given her body to armaan whom she does not trust but she has given her soul to Siddhant because she trusts him. That is why she is will always remain a chaste lady. Her heart and soul will lie with one she loves and respects immensely.

With these facts of her life she will have to brave her past, live her present and seek her future. She will have to live on and search her individuality and try evolving into a stronger lady.

And I Support Riddhima for this. Sid would have also supported her She knows it .......Hence she says uska pyaar uska saath zaroor dega.

This is the beauty of this character, Riddhima. On a serious note the makers of this character have not understood the beauty of their creation. Many a times it happens, the creator is oblivious of the miracle they have created.

Here, I present you Riddhima - The Lady once again. Here the Real Test of Riddhima Begins..............

My purpose for coming to this forum is now complete.

Cheers !!!

Please note-

1. These are writers views only about the serial and character. There is no intention of bashing any character, person or thing. Hence like previous post I shall stick to events in the serial. Go ahead and discuss however before discussing amongst yourselves please kindly recheck the episodes before commenting

2. Please be courteous in putting forth your views. Please refrain from using derogatory or abusive language Try avoiding fighting amongst yourselves.

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