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SR FF - Phir Bhi Saath Hai Hum - Epilogue


Sanjeevani had come a long way. Much had changed around. It had added two new wings and housed the latest equipments and technology. The country's best doctors considered themselves privileged if they were on Sanjeevani's panel of doctors. Sanjeevani was now counted as one of the best hospital and research center in India making its original mentor proud of it and of the person responsible for bringing glory to it.

The responsible person too come a long way. Years back she had set out on a quest. It was not easy one. It put her through many trying times but she never lost sight of her goals, did not waver on her decisions, stood strong on her beliefs or ethics to make it all happen.

She sincerely worked towards each of her goals which lead to re-discovering the person she really was, establishing her own identity.

Everyone was proud of her especially her father who always wished to see her carry on his legacy forward and she did and did well.  One of the happiest days in his life was when she stepped into his shoes as the COO of Sanjeevani. It was a huge responsibility but for her, it was just a way of life. She fulfilled her professional responsibilities to the T.

Though much had changed, some things remained just the same. One the philosophy with which they worked with and second the office of the now COO of Sanjeevani - Dr Riddhima Gupta.

Riddhima continued to have her chamber in the old wing despite many protests from all. She had her reasons. There were many memories attached to this place and her attachment did not waver an inch. Hence, it was maintained just as it was. For her, it was just perfect.

Work kept her extremely busy but she never let it come in way of her personal life and commitments. Back then she found herself guilty of having wronged each dear one. Over the years she worked steadily mending each relationship not out of guilt but out of the love and affection she felt for each of them.

She cared for her aging parents as a dutiful daughter would. Anjali found her loving sister Ridzy making way back into her life. She was a doting aunt not because she did not have children of her own and she always stood strong as a loyal and supportive friend to Juhi and Atul.

Just like her office her life too seemed just about perfect. Over the years she had worked out her routine which she executed consciously not only due to habit. Except one, which her subconscious mind, her heart propelled her to do. It was ritual for her.

'Ab chalo.' Chided Juhi irritated with Riddhima. She had seen Riddhima stand each day on the same spot that she stood on many years back, lovingly gaze into the mirror smiling the brightest smile before starting her day. She understood the sentiments behind it but could never understand what still stopped Riddhima. Often Juhi wondered how a single moment can have such an effect that it managed to bring up the brightest smile every day while at times this same smile bothered her cause the possessor never once enquired about the person who was the reason behind this smile. As years passed by Juhi stopped probing, pushing or even teasing Riddhima. She accepted it as fate which those two people had chosen for themselves.

'Haan haan bahoot achi lag rahi ho! Ab khud ko nihaarna chodo aur chalo.'

'Juhi tumhe do minute ki shanti nahi hai. Baat kya hai? Kahi jaana hai? Jay ko school se pick up karna hai kya?'

'Nahi woh Rahul ki duty hai aaj.'

'I hope tumne usse wapis yaad dila diya nahi toh last time ki tarah''

'Woh Priya ki duty hai.'

'Apne management skills ghar par ache use kar leti ho.'

After pursuing Juhi for a year Rahul proposed Juhi for marriage. This alliance was not easy. Initially Juhi was skeptical of doing justice to the alliance and somewhere both feared acceptance for it from all. Riddhima supported Juhi through it all. She stood strong with Juhi helping her at each stage convincing Juhi and all concerned that this was the best way ahead for the two.

Juhi married Rahul and was now the mother of two beautiful children - Priya and Jay. But she always said she was the mother of three.

'Karne padte hai nahi toh teen teen baccho ke kaise sambhaloongi.'

'Juhi you really discount Rahul way too much.'

'Tum please uski side lena band kar Riddhima '. You know poora weekend baap aur baache masti karte rehte hai aur main bore hoti rehti hoon. Anyways meri chodo tum batao Billy Uncle kaise hai?'

'He is much better now. The caretaker took a timely decision and shifted him to the hospital nahi toh pata nahi...' she trailed off.

'armaan aaya tha?'


Riddhima even worked on mending her relationship with her estranged husband - armaan. She did not let the traumatic divorce come in way of being there for him when he needed her support as a friend. Nor did she let it affect her relationship with armaan's father who seemed to have lost all hopes and had given up on life seeing his son head the same way as his. For her, he remained the jolly ever so friendly Billy Uncle even after he became her ex-father-in-law. She continued to shoulder all responsibilities towards him as she would have for her own parents. She paid regular visits to him in Panchgani to check on his well being and care for him during his sickness.

'How is he coping with all this?'

'Billy Uncle ki bimaari ka sunn ke bahoot tense ho gaya tha pehle but he also accepts it that iss age mein yeh sab toh hoga.'

'Billy Uncle ke baare mein kya soocha hai? Yaha lane wali ho?'

'Maine pehle wohi soocha tha. Par Christine ke zor dene par finally Billy Uncle bhi maan gaye UK shift hone ko.'

'That will be good. Kitne dino tak woh akele rahenge.'


'Christine bhi aayi thi? Kaisi hai woh?'

'Achi hai. You know bahoot saalo ke baad todha thehrav dekha hai armaan mein thanks to Christine. The first time I saw her maine ek umeed dekhi thi armaan ke liye. She has been through a lot to get armaan to this stage. Aur Billy Uncle ka kitna khayaal rakhti hai. God bless her'

armaan had continued to be his wayward self. He relocated to India hoping to make a breakthrough but after all his attempts failed he headed back to UK and settled there. Christine was a fellow musician who developed feelings for this charming blue eyes man and since then tried to work on life which she hoped to have with whom she considered her soulmate despite all the history attached to armaan.

Riddhima was happy for Christine though she hoped that armaan would do more justice to her. But then what one cannot control and influence, should be left to work their way to the destiny.

'Acha hai sab settle ho raha hai.'

'Hmmm'.. Anyways kaam kaise chal raha hai? Saare naye interns ne join kiya kya?'

'Hmm. Main kab se tumhe pidd rahi hoon cause I want you to meet them especially one.'

'Mill longi unhe baba debriefing ke time pe. Ab toh ek meeting attend karni hai.'

'Meeting zaroori hai?'

'Bahoot ..'

'Theek hai. Baad mein milte hai phir.'

Juhi looked unusually desperate to pull Riddhima away from the meeting but it was important. Riddhima schedule was heavily packed as much catching up was required due to her absence.  She worked her way through them as quickly as possible not wanting to disappoint Juhi by missing the de-brief. She too was keen to meet the interns and address them. After all they were the future of Sanjeevani. Her day was hectic but she always managed to steal a couple of moments for herself.

Riddhima walked into the cafe to have her regular quick evening snack. She preferred to sit quietly at the corner table by the window enjoying some peaceful moments out of her busy schedule.

Grabbing the snack and coffee she settled at her regular table. The cafe was abuzz with the happy banter of the gang of new interns seated at nearby table.

She smiled watching them catch up with each other's day's events. They reminded her of the  carefree days as an intern.

This group seemed excited about something particular young intern was speaking. Riddhima looked on intently at the young lad who spoke with a heavy accent. 'Another returning to his roots.'

'And guess what he did?'

'Maine kaha tha woh chilayenge?'

'He is my best friend so please don't have such wrong notions' the young intern was quick to reprimand. Her heart seemed to warm up seeing him fiercely defending his friend. Her angel also was such a fierce friend. It brought back precious memories which she still held close to her heart.

She looked at her watch for a moment and got lost in her thoughts. Thoughts of her angels who lived far from her. She often sat visualizing how their life would be, what they must be doing at that moment. Juhi kept in touch with Sid after he returned to US. She would often talk about them something with the sole intension of pushing Riddhima to rethink on her decision.  Slowly the frequency of such conversations decreased to become just news flashes to inform Riddhima their well being and significant events in Sid and Rohan's  lives.

Last when they spoke was a few months back when Juhi told her of  Rohan graduating from the medical college. He always wanted to become a doctor like his parents and his best friend Sid.

Riddhima was happy for both of them and felt proud. She too longed to meet them, see them at least once but never gathered the courage to even view the photographs Sid would send Juhi. She feared not being able to hold back. She had many arguments with Juhi over her stubborn behavior. But she felt what Sid and she did was in everyone's best interests. Even later as things settled she felt like her initiation may just amount to barging into their well settled life and it probably was too late.

'He gave me a new car. Tadaa!' said the young boy twirling  his new car keys. 'Fully loaded Audi SUV.'

The boy's talks seemed to irritate some at a nearby table bringing a prompt comment 'Ek aur US return bigada hua baacha.' said a nurse from the group.

The comment infuriated Riddhima. People should not generalize, not all were such. She knew it for a fact as her angel wasn't one though pronounced by all as that. She had a good mind to get up and reprimand the nurse on  her belief but held back. It would be best that the boy proved that nurse's notions wrong through his work just like Sid had.

The gang of interns continued to chat away 'Your friend gave you a new car. Dude that's cool.'

'Such a big favor. He straight right and you?' a girl asked suspiciously.

'But of course we both are. I can gladly give a you a demo my lady' he asked cheekily naughtily advancing his fingers towards the girls hand which rested on the table.

'Shut up.' the girl almost shrieked wacking the boy's advancing hand away. 'I would prefer your friend. He seems rich too.' she mockingly snubbed the intern.

'Oh but he is already reserved for someone so tumhari dal nahi galne wali. In fact I am here to hitch him up with his lady love.'

Riddhima sat watching the gang who had been there for a long time now.

One from the gang noticed her looking their way and panic struck him. That intern looked at his watch as Riddhima too looked into hers again. He started nudging all to break fearing Riddhima's wrath as she now seemed to be checking if their break time was over.  'Panter log chalo nahin toh parade ho jayegi.'

The groups break time was indeed coming to an end. Her heart had warmed up for that young intern. She did not want him to give anyone a chance to prove pre-conceived notions right. So she got up to nudge the gang and the young intern to return to the duties herself.

As she walked towards the table the intern's friend again warned the group 'Chalo lagta hai woh yahi aa rahi hai.'

'Kaun?' asked another inquisitively.

'Super boss.' the first intern hissed annoyed.

Daylight seemed to have knocked out of all hearing the strict COO of Sanjeevani coming their way.

Riddhima was no more the ever so strict Riddhima she used to be but she still liked discipline and if that was not followed the culprit would face her original avatar. But the doctors always told of her strict nature to hold the interns in fear.

The whole gang started to gather their stuff hurriedly except that particular young intern. He just sat there as if waiting for Riddhima to approach. His heart thumped. He felt strange emotions welling up in him.
'Chalo nahi toh marega.' nudge his friend.

Before the gang could finish gathering their belongings and leave they had Riddhima standing in their face. 

'Your break time is almost up. One shouldn't be late for duty and not give reasons for disciplinary action.' Riddhima adviced plainly.

'Yes Maam we are just leaving.' agreed an intern. All quickly collected their belongings except one who just stood up to gaze intently in Riddhima's direction.

'Aap ko nahi jaana.' asked Riddhima noticing the young intern looking her way questioning her. On any other occasion her anger should have surged seeing anyone being so defiant  but strangely this boy only brought out her soft side. As a mother she found herself explaining the consequences ever so cooly and gently.

'Aap ko maloom hai na ki time is the essence in our profession.'

Her warm demour stirred his heart.'Yes I know Every second counts as a split second defines life and death for the patient.'

His friend scared of his non compliance evoking dire consequences whispered under his breath 'Chal ab.' but the intern did not budge.

'You don't seem to understand your responsiblity well despite knowing stark facts of life.'

'I know them very well too. A doctor's first responsiblity is towards his patients. I have been taught this from day one of my life.'

Riddhima raised an eyebrow questioningly.

'Well everyone in my family are doctors. My grand father my parents my uncles aunts, in fact even my best friend is one  yes even his ...'

'Good so you have done your home work well so now do your duty also.'

'Yes I shall do when I resume after my break.' Right now I have something even more important to do.' A naughty smirk flashed on face as he thought to himself.

Seeing him relenting to budge another friend again coaxed.

'Kahi aur time pass kar par yaha se chal.'

'She is right you should be on time. You all leave. I shall spend some more time here.'

By now even Riddhima was irritated at the young intern's high handed attitude. 'Break time is not a privilege which you enjoy as per your wish. But I guess you are hell bent on proving perceptions of being an 'US returned spoilt child' right.'

Dr Harsh who had walked in came to the intern's rescue.

'No no he is one of the promising intern.' Dr Harsh promptly chipped in to put facts straight. 'Its just that yesterday he had an accident hence he is given extra time off.'

'He should not be awarded time off for  something he was responsible for.' eyeing the intern's bandaged  hand and forehead condescendly.

'No he was not at fault Maam.'

'Was it not?'

'Not at all that is why the other person did not press charges against him. In fact it was his car that got damaged badly and he too could have been fatally injured. His seat belt was on so he escaped with minimal injuries. Though being injured without thinking about himself he did all that was required as a responsible citizen and a doctor. If not for his quick thinking we would not have been able to save the other person who caused the accident.'

'Oh ok...' Riddhima felt proud hearing the testimony. 'Well done my boy. But in that case you should not be working. Why don't you  break early and take rest. If you want you can take tomorrow's day off also.' adviced Riddhima.

'No I am good I like working plus it's no big deal.'

'Your wish but then go and finish your duty quickly so that you can go home early.'

Dismissing the gang Riddhima turned to Dr Harsh  'I think we should do something for him then. It will boost his and everyone else's morale and motivate them.'

'Yes of course we were waiting for you to come for that. In fact Dr Juhi wanted you to meet him before.'

'Hmm theek hai.'

'You don't need to do anything of the kind. I was just doing my duty.' the intern interjected

'You thoughts are very noble.' Riddhima appraised the intern's ethics.

'Oh my best friend taught me that before thinking of oneself one should think of others.'

Riddhima's eyes beamed with pride and joy. This boy indeed resembled his angel. For a moment, she felt was his mirror image or probably the person who could mirror his teaching. She felt connected to him as she would have to her other angel, her nephew, her Rohan. But obviously it could not be him as he was far away living his life with his Sid probably still oblivious of her existence. Dismissing her thoughts she thought of introducing herself   

'Proud to have you here. I am ...'

'Riddhima.. How can I ..one not know?

'Dr Riddhima ...' hissed one of his friend from behind who were still loitering around.

'Oh chill back in US we are on first name base with everyone.' dismissed the interns.

'But here it is not so. She is your senior and you address her as Dr Gupta or Dr Riddhima while on duty.' Dr Harsh warned.

'But I am not on duty so I can call her by her first name Right Riddhima.'

All the interns were already whispering amongst themselves cursing the dreadful moment when they met this intern and included in their gang, when Riddhima approached them and this wayward lad decided to challenge the unsaid set rules of this institution and profession.

But Riddhima was purely dazed with this young lad. All present could not understand what had her so dazed, his bold behavior or was she just absorbing status being challenged. Riddhima too could not understand what it was. Was it his casual approach or his resemblance to someone extremely dear. Whatever be the case she could not let anyone challenge the hierarchy and professional etiquettes.

'You would follow the professional etiquettes set and address all seniors as told by Dr Harsh and not the first name only.'

'Well then jo bhi sunna tha, sahi sunna tha. I mean aap bahoot ...'

'Strict hai Hitler ki tarah.'

'Nah... that you are so prim and proper and particular about everything and yes now that you say it yourself a Hitler too.' He smirked mocking Riddhima confession.

'Whatever but I believe discipline is important and I like discipline in this hospital even if that makes people think of me as Hitler.'

'You say that very fondly though. I am sure someone very special used to call you by that name.'

Yes indeed some special called her that Remembering those times had Riddhima smiling for a moment but the next moment she was back to her stern self wanting to tell this intern off.

'Don't bother refuting I know I am right.'

'And you are cheeky. Now scoot to your duties before you get extra duty assigned.' Said Riddhima warning the new intern. 

'Waise jisne mujhe yeh bataya unhone ek aur cheese boli thi And God he right ...'

Riddhima did not want to extent this wild conversation more turned to leave.

But the intern did not want to leave it unsaid 'Woh kehte hai ki aap smile karte huye bahoot achi lagti hai.'

Everyone breaths were caught in the throats hearing that. This boy had invited trouble.

That statement jolted Riddhima too. Her eyes widened with surprise. Halting in her tracks she slowly turned around to face the crowd. The shocked look on their seniors face told them that doom was impeding. Everyone present wanted to disappear from there. Half already promised themselves that they would maintain their distance from this problem kid going forward. 

Riddhima slowly approached the intern. None knew how to react. None could make sense of the expressions on these two individual's faces which changed rapidly with every passing second. 

Riddhima came and stood right in front of the intern bracing her thumping heart. The intern's heart raced as he was waited for her reaction 

For long moments, Riddhima eyed him  and then slowly lifted her hand bringing it close to the intern's face. Everyone found her lightly caressing his cheek. To all she seemed as she was teasing the prankster before delivering a thundering smack on the his face for his uncouth behavior. Juhi who had heard of these happening had just rushed in to the cafeteria. She wanted intervene before anything untoward happened.

But the sight in front of her had her rooted to the spot.

Riddhima caressed the intern's cheek ever so lightly, with utmost care. She really could understand how to react. Her heart welled up. She didn't understand whether she wanted to cry or laugh that she almost was doing both at the same time.Her smile grew wider even as tears flowed from her eyes.

The whole cafeteria were stunned and amused seeing this amazing sight. Can the young intern actually have their strict Hitler smitten they wondered.

Oblivious of everyone, these two stood in the middle absorbing their moment.

Riddhima could not believe her luck. She almost laughed triumphantly realising that the one never hoped to meet now stood there in front of her. He was actually there. Her ...'Rohan!?'

'That me.' He beamed.

Only three people knew what these two meant to each other.

Juhi being herself rushed forward to their aid. Giving Riddhima's shoulder a reassuring squeeze she affirmed Riddhima as Rohan announced himself 'Dr Rohan Malhotra Modi.'

'Dr Rohan Malhotra Modi.' She could feel the pride with which Rohan said it and her heart swelled in pride. 'Dr Rohan Malhotra Modi.'

Riddhima wanted to shower all her pent up love. She enveloped Rohan in the warmest tightest embrace as she continued to cry of joy.

They two needed time together. Juhi recognized that and dismissed the rest to attend their duties.

Eventually the two long estranged relatives settled down  Riddhima could not get over her good luck. Her happiness her excitement knew no bounds. She shot question after question. She wanted to know everything and Rohan understanding it patiently answered all her questions.

'Kitne lagi hai tumhe. Dawai le rahe ho theek tarah se na. Jyaada pain toh nahi ho raha hai? aur kuch khaya? You are looking so weak. Hai na Juhi? Ruko main tumhare liye kuch lati hoon.'

'Seriously I am fine'

'Nahi you don't look fine. Main order kar rahi hoon, tumhe khana hoga. Dekho kitni lagi hai. You need the strength.'

'Yeh mamoli sa charoch hai.'

'Kha le. You do need the strength. After your mending your mamoli sa charoch tumhari hind bhi mend karni hai' teased Juhi not being able to take more of accent laden hindi.

'Juhi aunty aap bhi mazak uda rahi hai sab logo ki tarah.' pouted Rohan.

'Juhi don't you dare tease Rohan.' warned Riddhima.

'Now you two are going to gang up on me. Theek hai I better leaving.'

'Aree nahi' they both said together holding Juhi down.

'Chill main sirf kuch khane ke liye order karne jaa rahi hoon.' assured Juhi and left.

Despite all objections Riddhima waited on Rohan till he had gobbled down an entire burger. 'He likes burgers just like Sid.'

She found herself drawing similarities watching Rohan eat. 'As messy as Sid.' She wanted to know about Sid but did not know what to ask how to ask.

'Happy now.' asked Rohan after finishing  the burger breaking Riddhima's trail of thoughts.

'Tum khate kum ho girate jyaada ho.' commented Riddhima pointing towards the innumerable crumbs on the table.

'Oh you should see Sid then he is worst than me.'

'I know ... how is he?' it almost slipped out not being able to contain her curiosity any more.

'He is super cool.'

'Kya woh bhi ...'

'Yup. I insisted that he has to come and stay till I settle myself in '

This meant that Sid's stay was temporary. But why? How would he manage without Rohan. He would get so lonely back there alone which forced her to question Rohan's decision.

'Rohan I genuinely think you should think on your decision of doing your internship here. Sid akela ...He will miss you.'

'Nah ...He will be fine soon.'

'He will get very lonely.'

'No Once Badi Maa comes he will not be. Ab toh sirf badi maa ka intezar hai. Once she comes meri duty khatam.'

'Badi Maa...' Juhi almost gasped throwing a menancing look Rohan's realising that Riddhima would go on her self sacrificing trip again.

Those words seemed to pinch Riddhima for a fleeting moment but she put a brave front. She would for Sid's sake.

'Oh that's nice Acha chalo mujhe chalna chahiye. Tum bhi duty khatam karke jaldi ghar chale jaana. Sid ko akelapan pasand nahi hai.'

'Oh no stress I am sure Badi Maa can't stay away from him any more and  come today so I might as well give them some privacy.' with a naughty glint in his eye. Juhi felt like wacking Rohan for fuelling Riddhima's agony.

'Hmmm' Riddhima nodded now almost on verge of tears.

'Aap milne nahi jaane wali.' asked Rohan ignoring Juhi's warning looks.

'Yes yes I will. Some day I will definitely come.'

'He will be pleased to meet you once.'

'Main zaroor aaongi. Par ab mujhe chalna chahiye.'

'Any message for him?' which got him a wack from Juhi this time.

'No just convey Sid my regards.' not registering Rohan rubbing his arm whilst giving Juhi the look 'Wait and watch the fun.'

'I will do that ...'  he smiled mischievously.

'Chalti hoon.' Not able to handle it further Riddhima swiftly turned to leave only to have Rohan once again calling her attention.

'Riddhima aur ek baat poochni thi.'

Riddhima turned back waiting for Rohan to ask another agonizing question.

'I was wondering...is  Riddhima by you or would you prefer being called Badi Maa instead? Of course off duty?'

He proved he was every bit Shilpa's son. Naughty to the core for having teased her so badly. A warm jubilant smile broke out as she understood his prank fully.

'Shaitaan.' she smiled.

'And you thought someone who is smitten with such a wonderful smile can ever ever be smitten by anyone else's. Stop underestimating yourself.'

'Bade Maa ko aise pareshan karta hai koi?'

'Phir aur kisse karo. Haq banta hai. Right?'


'Waise Sid abhi ghar pe hi hai aur meri duty kafi der tak chalegi.' he said suggesting the future course indirectly.

'Nahi chali toh main lagwa doongi.' mocked Juhi.

As a teen he wondered how Sid did not have anyone in his life like his other friends fathers. That's when Rohan came to know the truth behind person who said was also his friend. He hoped to have her by Sid's side knowing the longing Sid had for her. Juhi had told him about Riddhima and her status which gave him hope. Hence, when he finished his medical school, he decided to do his internship in India.

Life was smiling at her again. The drive though a short one seemed so long. Her heart and mind was both racing. There were so many questions which were making her even more nervous than what she already was. What she should say, what would she do? How would he feel? What he would say? She wondered how she would react when she saw him and how would he? Did Rohan tell him of her coming to meet him? The fact that she was going to meet him after so many years made her even more nervous yet so happy that a deep blush fit for a bride stained her cheeks.

As the car stopped at its destination, she checked on her appearance despite having checked it a million times over during the journey here. She almost felt like teenager going to meet her date. She chided herself on her thoughts and moved towards the penthouse apprehensively.

But as she approached the door to their penthouse all the nervousness and anxiety she experienced vanished into thin air as if it never existed.

She almost pinched herself hard to check if this was indeed for real. This dream like situation was it indeed real. She really could not believe her luck. Finally bracing herself she lifted her hand to feel the door to her dream house. It was open. 'Yeh bhi na abhi bhi laparwa hai. Darwaza khulla chod diya.' Pushing it ever so gently, she looked in. It seemed just the same and there stood Sid.

Sid had just walked in and was returning to shut the door. 'Agar aaj agar Riddhima hoti toh kya chilati. Itni laparwah kaise ho sakte ho Sid. Darwaza khulla chod diya. How stupid of me too to leave it open.' Before he could reach the door his eyes fell on the lady who stood on his doorstep and it felt like a dream. His favorite dream; of seeing Riddhima again at the threshold of his life, his home.

After he left Juhi always tried to coax him to take the initiative. For him it was always what Riddhima wanted. The sole purpose of his life was to follow her wish.

This was her Sid who would wait for her to take the step forward to make way into his life again.

Days turned into months and then years. But he waited. The wait only intensified the longing that it now turned into a deep desire which burned brightly in his eyes. Yet it was her decision.

He held her gaze without blinking once. Those eyes was reiterating what he had said many years back to him.

'aur jaha tum khadi ho woh hamare ghar ki entrance hai. Jahase jab bhi tum andhar aana chaho main hamesha tumhara intezar karoonga.'
And he had waited. She needed to take that step forward and she did. She crossed over the threshold of the house and his breath was caught in his throat. Without losing eye contact she closed the behind her bring a tearful smile on his face. It was not a dream, she was indeed back home. She could not hold herself back any longer and she rushed right into the awaiting arms of her soulmate, her Sid.

That moment was the most perfect moment of their lives as it brought them back together. This time never let go of each other.


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