Sunday, November 28, 2010

Devayani - The way I see her

A lady is one who makes the home. She is the binding factor. Elders say that if a lady is not there then the home is not a home but just a structure. Without a lady the home or family can scatter within no time .

Devayani has been trying to do the same for all these years and for that she has made use of many lies or fictitious fairly tales about her husband, family, etc

She knows she is lying but her purpose is to safe guard the fragile pure minds of her children in the initial years. Her soul motive to lie to her sons about her husband is to protect them from harsh truth about their father. Children always perceive their father as an ideal and hence she does not want the image to be distorted. But yes
jhooth jyada der tak nahi tikata
and when the truth will be out no matter what her intentions were she will be blamed she knows it

She knows that lying is incorrect and now like she herself said she does not really understand at times what truth is or what lie.

She believes that her sons resound her preaching or upbringing. Hence she again does not hesitate to lie to Priya’s father that she will be taken care of.
 Bolte hai khon ka asar hota hai i.e. some things are in the genes. Hope this does not come true in case of Aditya. Not as in having disrespectful and degrading behaviour towards women but being rash and forceful to have his way. Which I feel is there present. How will Devayani be able to mould / curb this tendency of Aditya is big question.
Her motive to get Gaurav married is not known to me ( I have seen many episodes). But nonetheless she is incorrect whatever the reason is. She could have thought that the marriage will soon be able to settle Gaurav or he would settle in it. But in this she has completely disregarded the well being / future of Gaurav’s wife. She always knew he was not prepared for this marriage. Hence, forcing the same should not have been a plan.
But in case of Aditya, her intentions are good. She wants best for her son and she would want the same for Priya. Yes, she lied but ultimately she will make sure Priya is fine.
I saw one scene but did not understand completely why she said / did what she said / did in case of Uttara when Uttara accuses of leaving her in a lurch. But her intentions have always been good for all. Similarly she may do so for Priya also.
Devayani ki andar ki aurat jo hai. Her feelings as a wife, as a lady (if you understand what I mean) are quite dead but as a mother, as a lady in general her feelings are not dead still. Hence, she does not like what her husband does nor will she when she comes to know Priya's truth.
I see her to be stuck in a loveless marriage yet she is there for her children and father in law who is a gem. At times it is hard to let go of such people  she could have walked out with her sons but her father in law will be torn between the two i.e. his own son and Devayani . She also does not want to deprive her sons the father’s love / pitru chaya. But in the whole bargain she has lost out on living her life.
All in all, like I said Devayani’s intentions are good but jhooth ke sahare kuch acha karna kaha tak sahi hota hai? In Mahabharat’s Kurukshetra war great warriors took the support of lies but ultimately had to pay the price for it. Similarly, Devayani would also. Time will tell what and would the trade off be justified and acceptable to her.


  1. Hey Bro ,
    even though i dont watch Maryada i loved this whole analysis especially this:
    A lady is one who makes the home. She is the binding factor. Elders say that if a lady is not there then the home is not a home but just a structure. Without a lady the home or family can scatter within no time .

    its true ..a woman binds the family together..she makes the four walls a home! and will comment on the dmg ones when i am ready :)

  2. Hey Bro,
    I loved the post ...:)
    especially the beginning it is so true..!a woman is what binds all the elements of a home together she makes the four walls a home!
    and since i dont watch maryada i really ahve no idea about who devyani is but Adi Priya are like really cute!will comment on the DMG ones..once i am ready!