Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maryada - Losing it's grip

For me is a story of four female protagonists – Devayani, Uttara, Priya and Vidya. To add to the character list there are Gaurav SSP Aditya Priya's father and brother, etc. 

I was looking for interesting and intriguing story and characterization. 

But what is there in currently in this serial is   

Story – Typical –It is not at all gripping. They are not using the 4 female leads properly.


Devayani – She is protagonist but seeing all her actions and plans it seems we can were safely categorize her anytime as an antagonist who is scheming against her daughter in laws and sons. This is because she keeping the truth from them, she was instrumental for Gaurav’s wedding against his will, she is scared of Priya’s nature and would do anything to contain it to suit her purpose and plans, so on and so forth.

I felt her character’s essence would be as a person who has been fighting to keep her family together, one who would understand the plight of another lady. Currently is behaving like a typical saas from the saas bahu serials. Sweet saas but don’t know what she will be later. 

Priya – I feel  she is inconsistent in her characterization. Due to her disturbed past she seems apprehensive about being associated with police but she agreed to marry Aditya without meeting his dad. Difficult to digest. Chalo theek yeh toh pacha liya but what about she being upset about Aditya wanting a kiss and saying his love is all about physicality. She is shown upset one moment and during her interaction with Chinu she is all blushing. This is what I call inconsistent. A person who is physically abused is scarred badly and such scars and their memories don’t go easily. So this sudden transition in her reaction is a little difficult to digest. Furthermore, what Chinu said was correct, after 14 days when she would be married to Aditya what does she intend to do if he demands physical relationship.  She is an intelligent lady has she not given that a thought.
She has a disturbed past which itself can be a good build up for the further story. But this is somewhere lost.

Uttara - Too many mysteries for her don't understand her role at all. She has a daughter where is she. Why is she away? What are her issues with Devayani?

Vidya - Is like a decoration piece.

Gaurav – One sensible character but don't know till when they will not utilize him. He is also turning out to be an extra

Vidya Gaurav  – They can have a wonderful soulful story between them.

Aditya – This character seems a little bit chauvinistic, immature and impulsive. Let’ see how he will handle Priya’s past and his father’s truth.  I feel the Rakesh fella overacts.

Priya  Aditya  – again can be a soulful love story which can have a lot of pull but currently is turning into a regular love story of two youngsters who fell in love married and have a little trials in order to fill some episodes. Jabardasti ka romance like the water pipe scene which is coming up soon.

All in all people will watch story, characterization, favourite couple, star celebrities, acting, etc. No doubt these Rakesh and Riddhi have good chemistry but how long can one pull a serial purely on chemistry or for that matter the acting skills alone with make a viewer come back to the serial.

The story and characterization is the main thing. Somehow, the story and characters do not have the quality to keep one engrossed and does not have the pull to make sure that one will definitely not miss the next episode.

My feel the story is losing it's grip.

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