Friday, December 17, 2010

Unintentional Teaser

Today’s episode – December 17th, 2010

Scene – A man upset with his girlfriend start dragging his girlfriend out of the restaurant. Priya asks the man to leave the girl’s hand if not face the consequences. 

When he does not relent, Devayani steps in followed by Vidya and finally it is Uttara 

This is what I feel is an unintentional teaser for the viewers of what will happen.

Like Devayani’s father-in-law said Priya is a woman who will not take anything lying down and so she shall not like today. 

Devayani we saw a lot of fear in eyes. But ultimately the woman in her will definitely overpower Mrs. Jakkhar and will follow suit

Drawing inspiration and strength from Priya and having her backing will follow suit and would be also her support to a greater or lesser extent especially in the initial days when Devayani will be against Priya to save the so called Jakkhar family’s Maryada.

While Uttara seems to be one who shares the category with Priya.  Only that, she is a little passive but if instigated she can be very lethal. She is soon going to get her instigation thanks to her husband. Uttara, I feel, is not from the immediate family hence will be a late entrant in the fight plus she has also her own issues to deal with.

Hence we have the Montage also as 

Priya leading with Vidya on one side backing her. While Devayani backing her on the other side followed by Uttara in the end.

I am not good at explaining just try understanding what I am saying .....

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