Monday, November 1, 2010

Insaan Ko Kya Chahiye ??????

Just trying on an insight on what a human desires and trying to relate it with a serial

Also these insights are the writer's opinion only.

Zindagi ajeeb hoti hai ......Aur usse bhi ajeeb hote hai insaano ki zindagi ki kwaishe (desires)

Every individual holds some desires close to their heart.

We have seen three protagonists Sidhhant (Sid), Riddhima and armaan.

All of whom desired to lead a life with a person they loved. But life had something different in store for them.

armaan and Riddhima separated by fate. But life gave Sid's hand in Riddhima's hand to walk forward in life.

She took this as destiny and started a new journey. But then saw the return of armaan.

Today the three are at a juncture where Riddhima would decide whom she wants to continue to walk forward in life. Whose hand she chooses to hold.

So we come back to the question what does an individual want from his/her life

What is more important ???

Knowing that a person will always walk by your side or one who will promise to walk by your side.
Simple pleasures which you can enjoy with one whom who cares for you or Having flamboyant gestures declaring one's love
A shoulder to lean on in the darkest times in your life or having the world and universe in your name
Knowing that the other person will always be there for you or the having to always understand whether the person may be there for you
Knowing that all that is connected to you matters to one who cares for you or that only you are the one who matters
Knowing that you are secure and settled or waiting to understand that yes there can be security or settled feeling
Knowing that you are loved and cared for before you caring and loving back or you are loved and cared for when you love and care
Knowing that your gestures will be understood and accommodated or  your gestures judged
Knowing you are accepted or having to know whether you will be accepted

What does an individual really desire from life?

Sid - Always walked by Riddhima side when he held her hand. There were ups and downs Physically not there at times but his presence was assured He become a man of simple gestures He help Riddhima's hand in the darkest hours even when she never assured him of her being there for him.  Riddhima was there for him and so was he. They had to tell each other the same emphatically. He cared for her and also for those who were connected to her. The love, motivation and security was a part of her life when Sid joined in her journey in life. He understood her and her feeling. He
tried to understand her desires and thoughts and placed them before his. He accepted her and all connected to her.

armaan - He desires Riddhima. He promises to walk by her side. He is indeed a person who is confident and
emphatic about his love for her. He has always promised and is ready to place the world at her feet. For him the only person who matters is Riddhima. He assures her of security and a settled life. He knows that their love was mutual and so he loves her more than anyone else. He knows her habits and is building on his understanding. What needs to be seen is whether he will accept her with what she shared with Sid.

Life is about peoples stories. Each have one They need not always be of love.
Dill Mill Gayee gave us two beautiful couples stories...... 

armaan & Riddhima - story of love
Siddhant & Riddhima - story of companionship

Today at this juncture of life Riddhima is faced with a critical question whether to walk forward alone or with Sid or armaan.

Whom Riddhima chooses depends on what she desires from her life. But it would be very difficult for her to ignore that life is indeed what she once shared with Sid. Not as man and wife but as two individuals who walked the path of life even though for just a brief time together.

So we wait to understand what Riddhima desires from her life.

Please note-

1. These are writers views only about the serial and character. There is no intention of bashing any character, person or thing. Hence like previous post I shall stick to events in the serial. Go ahead and discuss however before discussing amongst yourselves please kindly recheck the episodes before commenting

2. Please be courteous in putting forth your views. Please refrain from using derogatory or abusive language Try avoiding fighting amongst yourselves.

3. I do not intend to hurt any person's feelings If it unintentionally has happened please accept my apologies

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