Monday, November 1, 2010

About Love & Life......a true story

Title Credit goes to Ka7eela thank you soo much

I did wish to narrate this real life story (again my close friend) earlier because I believed the good things would be professed. For my friend and in the serial which now professes wrong ideology, behavior and values.
My close friend (known for 15 years) He was in love with a girl. However, things did not work out. He still gave life another chance when marriage (arranged) came his way. After courting the girl for 9 months he married her and fell deeply in love with her. The girl had a troubled childhood and family background hence always supported her. However, within 15 months they files for divorce.

The reason told to all - incompatibility issues.

Real Reason - she was could not reciprocate his love and care She was emotionally involved with college friend all along. So he stepped aside. She is now married the other guy and is heard to face trouble in her marriage. She claimed that she never could fall out of love with the college boyfriend.
The Girl and I share common friends.

Aftermath -
Parent blamed him. Mother went into depression and passed away. Father is now estranged and live in another city. This person now has trust issues. Isolates himself fearing about being questioned on his broken marriage and ridiculed by family and friends.
To be away he flies this month to settle aboard. I came to know this morning.
When someone does good for you atleast be honest I would say............... This lady had all chances but did not ..............Like Riddhima .............. and also never took the second chance that life gave them and ended up hurting all.

I deeply feel bad as to how DMG storyline is taken forward because I have seen such incidents closely in real life happen to my loved ones...........and it's aftermath......

This morning I got the news and could not stop myself from making a post......
Please note this is not the same friend that I have spoken of in my post Demise of Humanity - Armaan Glorified

Since this is a real life incident I shall not put any disclaimer which you all normally see in my posts..........

As usual title changed from True Love - Glorified & Overated (Real Life Story) to what it is

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