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Mourning Riddhima's death (*Updated October 12th*)

Since the thoughts I wanted to talk of were related to Riddhima and since I intent not to make any further posts on MF I have update the post with the additions.

Please read below starting from Updated on October 8th

Riddhima ' The way I saw her
A warm hearted, kind, intelligent and modern in her outlook to life. She is indeed every bit of an individual who has a mind of her own and who has come to respect herself and others connected to her. She cares for all and puts others happiness before hers.  She would not hurt anyone intentionally. She is understanding. She is making all attempts to move forward in life She will not take blatant injustice lying down.  She feel secure about herself.
I will not beat around the bush...... I say Riddhima was every bit of the above before she met armaan and she came back around to being herself when she met Sid.
But today We mourn Riddhima's death as armaan's Basket returns.........
Riddhima ' The Basket
Love brings a lot of emotions. So the changes ......... She became insecure, irrational and would not think twice before how her actions affected others except one. She became selfish.
Yesterday when she subtly rejected Sid once again. We once again saw the return of Basket.......
What is Basket '
She is that thing that which is the object of armaan's love and passion.
No respect for herself. Does not understand that she also exists as a lady as an individual
Who holds armaan's being and happiness superior over all So much that every other person's existence ceases
Weak and fickle minded
And I will not be able to defend Riddhima because she is no more an Individual, a lady but an object. She chooses to be that. She is empty from inside. One where somebody dumps whatever wanted or unwanted. When dumped with something wanted the basket is a kept well or when with unwanted the basket is treated like dirt. This is the exact way her relationship with armaan is and she accepts that. (if you want I can give you the day scene and dialogue even the color or Riddhima's and armaan clothes in that scene without having to watch the scene again .................SO DON'T ARGUE)
Yesterday once again she chooses her miseries over happiness.
Yes she is right she does not deserve love. Love of her father whom she insulted, a friend and husband. But she definitely deserves armaan (that is why they may end up together) Cause she has chosen to be what he wants her to be. She chooses desertion. She chooses lies, deception, physical abuse etc etc etc.
But then that should be fine .......... she has chosen her destiny to live as an object. And anyways objects don't have feelings. I can't even pity Basket cause objects don't require that.
Womanh is divine being as they have varied roles. Their very being is made of selfless love, affection, devotion, care ............. A woman is strong. God has made them such. This divinity that one can see in a woman is destroyed
We have done our share of defending Riddhima's actions/reactions/dialogues.
Now Basket if ever wants to get her existence as a woman back she needs to first feel like one. She will need good 3-5 odd episodes explaining her silence at all those points when she should have spoken and explain her behavior for everyone's benefit ..... Shashank, Sid, armaan and us audience.  
Out and out I know that this ain't happening. Hence the basket has returned..............
Who all are responsible I don't wish to decipher ....characters, story, or anything / anyone else ............
All in all I will say Women are the women's biggest enemies  
As this character is realistic (not joking) cause it will influence other young girls to behave similarly and men to believe that it is indeed fine to treat ladies like basket was treated not like Sid treated Riddhima cause she will spit back on his face and reject him. Now understood why I said I was not joking
But we as men of dignity and honour will continue to see the ladies in our life with love, respect and affection. Just the way I saw Riddhima cause she was a lady not a object.

This is my last post as the character about whom I write the most is no more a character......she has been turned into a mere object. They have given her a silent role and abused the character to twist the story different ways all times. Riddhima if at all was realistic character she would have atleast lashed out or had a mental breakdown instead of the confusion/dilemma or either because of the confusion/dilemma. And I cannot defend her anymore because she is an object. Objects don't need defending.
With this I thank all for the support, feedback and love that you all have given. This shall also be my last post on the MF and me being a DMG viewer cause I cannot see the mockery especially that of a lady's dignity, integrity and divinity anymore.

****Edited ***- If Riddhima goes back to armaan Or in second scenario She goes with Sid and does say and mean she loves yet still harbors love for armaan ( i know a person can love two people Rose from Titanic) Knowing the mess he has put her through. She is a destroyed character a degradation of womanhood. I will come back then one last time on MF to post a apology for defending Riddhima the lady and asking people to try to understand her. I respected for what she was supposed to be portrayed.
Riddhima - Lady speak speak now that is the only way you can help everyone and yourself.............. Your supporters defending you will not help Only you can help yourself......... and God helps those who help themselves ........Your supporter or admirers will always be there for you But first help yourself SPEAK
Updated on October 8th, 2010
Yesterday we saw Riddhima thinking not a daughter, not a sister, not a wife but as an individual...... It is true that before anything else a person is an individual ..........
Like Sid has said he wants Riddhima to have her own thoughts, opinions and desires. It is important cause only if a person is clear as to what one wants as an individual can he do justice to the other roles one plays in life. Only when one is at peace with oneself can he spread happiness around.
Another point that was noticed is that subtly we saw Riddhima taking over the basket....... Riddhima subtly and silently made her decision known...... However, it becomes essential to make it emphatically known cause very honestly the makers cannot be trusted as to how they will twist the story/words once again.
Earlier I had spoken that Riddhima has gotten her first jolt ....(via tent incident - knowing the possible pain she will give her loved ones) and she will get further jolts which will make her realize where her loyalties lie. And these jolts will result in giving jolts to armaan to wake him up from his dream world. Yesterday was the second jolt given to Riddhima. The fear of losing Sid (for whatever reasons). I know this will not go down well with many. But she was surely was shown more concerned for Sid than armaan. Reason she needs to clarify.
She yesterday gave the series of jolts to armaan. First was when she said she does not love him which he has ignore. Yesterday's best of three were again a series of jolts which she gave armaan. Last one had an more lasting effect.
What remains to be seen is whether they will maintain her dignity and integrity today.......... Don't know............Let's wait and watch ......... I shall cause I am waiting to make my final post on MF after Riddhima speaks

Updated October 12th
I was hoping my last post on MF would not need to be an apology post. Hoping Riddhima will not let my faith in this character down.

But I have made my last post containing an apology as promised

Please note-

1. These are writers views only about the serial and character. There is no intention of bashing any character, person or thing. Hence like previous post I shall stick to events in the serial. Go ahead and discuss however before discussing amongst yourselves please kindly recheck the episodes before commenting

2. Please be courteous in putting forth your views. Please refrain from using derogatory or abusive language Try avoiding fighting amongst yourselves.

3. I do not intend to hurt any person's feelings If it unintentionally has happened please accept my apologies

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