Monday, November 1, 2010


I asked a few questions to understand AR love and fan base's sentiments to AR fans

But I was told I was not wanted So now I will continue to be there where I am welcomed / appreciated i.e. some posts where they do care for my views

But Yes I would like to tell you what type of answers about AR would justify them I don't care of the fan base (certain people) cause they don't care for me either.

Some answers like these would be what I would have for two people immensely in love - (Here in this serial so armaan Riddhima love)
1. What is the depth of Riddhima's love for armaan?

In true sense the way they say in the scriptures lady has several roles as lover, mother, friend and a companion to her better half. If there are so many roles attached there are so many emotions Hence how can the depth of a lady's love for her lover or partner be measured. Cannot.

Usse sirf mehsoos kiya ja sakta hai Like Riddhima said
Aur ehsaas ko maapa ya tola nahi jaa sakto

2. What is the depth of armaan's love for Riddhima?

Rules in love are same regardless gender.

3. What is the benchmark?

When One can't measure the depth then how can one benchmark

4. How do you benchmark this love?

When One can't benchmark how can there be a process or parameters Again this can only be felt by two people involved No third person can decipher what those two share

5. Should the girl or guy (feeling are common to all) never get married?

Yes they should get married inspite of passed failed relations But ensure that the sanctity of the relations are maintained with spouse and ex. There needs to be honesty Yes there is honesty in Riddhima she does not lie to herself or others even now Momentarily she hid the truth but but she did her penance by accepting and bearing the pain of guilt (it is unimaginably painful)

Where does armaan Riddhima love lie on this scale drawn by armaan Riddhima fans?

This question is invalid cause if there is no benchmark there is also no scale

7. And if possible what is love?

My understand - Love is understanding, caring, friendship. It help you feel happiness when the other is happy. It sets you free. Does not hold you back in any sense. It gives a secured feeling. It does not need two people I say so cause a relationship needs two people. In love there is no give and take hence one can be in love yet not expect the same in return Like Riddhima said Love is being there for each other and caring for the other persons happiness.

Love is ever flowing it cannot does not stagnate. Love gives pleasure (please do not take double meaning here) it will not give pain. If it stagnates or hurts then woh ek dard ka rista ho jaata hai Whatever has stagnated or is painful needs to be severed or gets severed Hence pyar mein rah kar tadapte rehta pyar nahi hota Cause love will anyways find happiness and pyar mein tadapna is being sadistic to oneself.

Love is not ever sadistic. It is a divine feeling ever giving and gives a secure feeling to the other.

Love is never isolated it encompasses all Hence all (people and things) attached to the person you love becomes important to one their happiness also matter That is how relationships start building and are nutured
To end I will say I do not say anyone's love is love or not but this is the way I look at love

Love is MATURE feeling rest can be terms as per what one wants to

I will not comment as to what I feel about armaan ....... Riddhima love or relationship cause I am anywhich ways not welcomed or would be appreciated or understood.

But Yes I shall comment about Riddhima ....she does feel all the above mentioned emotions and understands the importance each of them She is indeed a matured lady who know now what Love is and hence asks the Rethorical Question
WHAT IS LOVE? to armaan

Take care

This is not a post for bashing anyone Reserve your comment if you want to use derogatory / abusive language Best Please avoid Thank you

Anyone who wants to share their views on these questions please do so

Please REFRAIN from FOREVER Comments

Earlier I had named this My views to QQ to AR fans - But I don't wish to keep it that cause I was anywhich ways not welcomed when I tried to understand them

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