Monday, November 1, 2010

Riddhima - Kyu kaha aise ki............

Mere kismat me akele hi rahena likha hai
Sirf itna pata hai ki mein akeli hoon Koi ghar nahi

Like at her birthday party she was surrounded with all her loved ones but yet she was alone

Similarly at this juncture of life she has

Doting parent
Husband who loves her
Ex-boyfriend all ready to hold her hand again

Yet she say .........

Mere kismat me akele rahena likha hai
Sirf itna pata hai ki mein akeli hoon Koi ghar nahi

Kyu kehti hai Riddhima aise ..........

Because she finds it difficult to face any of these people She has erred and is still bearing the weight of guilt

She knows each will forgive her as they love her. Yet she cannot face them. Why.... cause when she will see them they remind her of her mistakes which they soo easily have forgiven

They say the biggest punishment at times is forgiving the person

Sid and armaan -

She cannot reciprocate armaan or Sid's love cause either will be hurt

She does not want to go to armaan

Sid - she is unable to face him and also does not know whether he will let her into his life. She also knows that things will never be the same again ever.

Even if she does this will hurt armaan (no fault of their but still .....and they do care for him still)

Shashank and Padma -

They are righteous people. Back then they never supported her wrong doings What she has done now is indeed of utmost disgrace........... They will be very hurt and ashamed but yet will take her under their cover cause she is they beloved daughter Parent really know how to forgive their children

She cannot see her parents eye lowered by shame  Nor can see them in their eyes

Ankhok ki sharam abhi bhi hai Riddhima mein

Hence she say she is all alone with no home to go to .......

This is the destruction that Shashank had referred to Cry

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1. These are writers views only about the serial and character. There is no intention of bashing any character, person or thing. Hence like previous post I shall stick to events in the serial. Go ahead and discuss however before discussing amongst yourselves please kindly recheck the episodes before commenting

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