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Riddhima's Dialogues - 30th september 2010

Today we again saw a shattered Riddhima But in this state also she has slowly but subtly started giving hints as to where she is and wants to be .........

I feel sad for this character cause she is slowly realizing that if she wants happiness for all she will have to let go of something dear to her and bring about the transformations the hard way cause there is no other way

So here it is the dialogues of the day by Riddhima

To armaan -

Tumhe kya lagta hai armaan Mera tumhare kareeb ana ye mera pyar hai tumhare liye ??? -

She was referencing to what armaan said that Riddhima will not allow anyone close to her if that person has not touched her heart and soul ........... She is not in love with armaan if she was she would not asked that as a question.

Mujhe saach ka saamna karne ki himmat nahi hai to kyu karte ho tum mujhse pyar

She is not ready to accept that her heart is neither with armaan nor Sid but and she is not ready to accept cause both are going to be hurt yet armaan loves hers hence it hurts

To Sid

Tumhe lagta hai ki aapne aap ko mujhese door rakhkar mere khushi ke liye hi ye pyar hai tumahara mere liye -

She is questioning cause she expected him to exercise his rights
instead of giving her space. She has given him the right She always wanted him to feel that indeed he has a right on her. (she is also referencing the scene before she first meets Sid's mom as she is unwell in the hospital where she is doing self talk and say 'Tumhe poocha bhi nahi shayaad itna haq hi nahi samajha mujhepar) Also secretly she feels that if he had not given her so much space she may have been more restrained and conscience towards armaan  Why she says this is that it is difficult for her to decipher why how can he be so understanding

Tumhare saath rahekar bhi meine kisi aur ka saath dene ki galti ki aur phir bhi tum mere pyar ka saboot de raho ho
Here she is referencing all the times she has neglected Sid for armaan and also the tent incident  She find it too perfect to digest that her husband yet is not ready to believe that she can deceive him when she actually has. Here she references to Sid's statement that armaan led her to her fond memories and made her vulnerable

Later Sid has affirmed this in the precap where he says he cannot believe Riddhima deceived him

To both men -
Kyu karte ho mujhese itna pyar -

This is the agony I had spoken in one of my posts ......... It is a very tricky situation where one knows someone loves you but you cannot reciprocate the same

She cannot handle the agony she is putting the men through but any decision is going to lead to agony of atleast one ....... And it is difficult choice cause she cares for both

Woh ek kamzor pal tha jo mere zindagi ki galti ban gaya

Here world came crashing down and has brought Sids also. It also led to armaan being mislead which will give a bigger blow to him It is a lose lose situation which has gotten created due to her kamzor pal

Riddhima is still not taking offense of any of armaan actions (she stopped him twice from interfering yet he did not stop That is causing more damage things would have been different if Sid and Riddhima handled it alone) cause she knows that she is the reason for his pain and also she does not want to ruin her memories of their relationship

But alas now all relationships have turned sour.
Please note-

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