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My take on current events - DMG -September 13th, 2010

I have been a regular visitor on India forum. The experience was very enriching in terms of various viewpoints/analysis on the plot and characterization. There are certain writers whose work I eagerly look forward to reading for eg Lennie, Pocahontas, rapunzel84, StarshineHues, arp04srocks and Perfangel5655 to name a few.

Please note ' I have started following DMG only after Riddhima's re-entry. Like many, I also did find the story having something different to offer. Also the character's outlook and reactions towards their situation during SRA triangle was quite realistic. Before anyone starts jumping to conclusion let me clarify.

Riddhima's confusion to the road forward of whether she should stay in the marriage or not due to not knowing Sid's viewpoint towards this marriage. Not knowing her feeling towards to whole issue at hand. Her being felt let down when she found that her Pune meeting was arranged by Sid or Diary fiasco.

Sid not wanting to burden Riddhima with the marriage since it was indeed a compromise in the beginning. This is also one of the reasons why he never did express his feelings to her during the triangle phase cause he must have felt it would have biased her thinking or left a moral burden on her to stay in the marriage. This actually happened cause while being caught in rains (June 7th episode) she does say that Sid has start liking or loving me; Armaan is my past I NEED to forget it.

Armaan constantly checking if he and Riddhima can be together or not letting go off the hope. Armaan trying to bring together Sid and Riddhima was quite natural reaction also I feel for two reasons ' He wanted Riddhima to be with Sid because she always hinted that to him. Also it was another way of being a part of her life  After Riddhima is fine and settled with Sid He did feel left out and lonely.
Everything was going fine story wise or characterization wise till a couple of days back when

1. Riddhima's excessive concern (termed as jealousy by the promo 'kya Riddhima ko ye nazdeekiya raas ayegi)
2. So called Extra-marital affair by the new promo.
3. Armaan's obsession
4. Rumours ' Negative shades to Sid's character and Shilpa Anand quitting the show

The forum also was reacting quite sanely except some which I also choose to ignore like many others.
As for which fan group I belong. I liked AR as well as SR. But I follow SR more because it gave a more realistic approach. Hence I follow SR AT more and I am happy to see the genre of people there because they talk of humane perspective, values, etc. I was a little upset with the way the above mentioned events have affected all genre.

Apart from the posts like Riddhima is characterless etc. But worst came when I saw comments like Sid should slap her or beat her or Sid genuinely turning negative is justified etc. I seriously do not understand how any of these actions can be justified. Use humane thinking.

Now coming to SR AT ' You all have always said and as the Thread name is Unbreakable Bond ' Belief is the key word. These two have never let go of the other in all odds for whatever reasons I think they will not also now. I know I talking the best at the moment but at the SR AT I have always seem that the right path, honesty and straight forwardness is appreciated and these values are cascaded down. That is another reason why I like this AT.

Now the current characterization and story line '

Characterization ' Here I feel Riddhima and Armaan are consistent. That is Riddhima is confused as to how to react to situations. I will not say feeling because I feel her feelings of love/liking, etc for Sid and concern for Armaan are consistent.

To explain ' Riddhima wants Sid as her life partner but is still trying to gauge the real status of her feeling as to whether it is due to love, respect, liking or sheer obligation (I will not rule this out as she has not confessed what exactly it is though she did say she has dil se apna liye hai but why dil se ....... Another reason is when SR were with Shashank Sid first affirmed that all is fine. So maybe she does not want to hurt Sid or not wanting to let go of a comfort zone supplied by Sid Hence trying to do things dil se or just reiterating it to make herself believe in it)

Armaan ' He has never left hope of having Riddhima back in his life as a lover and hence now also all actions are consistent i.e. not accepting facts nor attending the wedding, wanting to meet Riddhima, etc. As Shashank said when anything goes beyond a point it is termed as obsession or addiction.

Sid ' The Most Inconsistent ' At times very mature or very kiddish or insecure
Mature and kiddish - I don't need to explain this further It is too obvious
Insecure ' If he could let Riddhima go during the triangle phase I did not understand why hide Armaan not coming till the last moment i.e. insecurity with Riddhima - thinking what if Riddhima starts liking me lesser due to this.


He always saying one can resolve stuff by talking it through but I have never seen SR talk stuff out.

Story '
The story was stagnating to an extent so to kick start it one has to introduce an angle and put an intriguing or instigating promo along with a few rumors. Helps TRPs. Strategy nothing else.
Now ' Here I will talk of only Riddhima because she is indeed the protagonist and actually she is carrying the story forward. Though, all would want to give credit to actors.
Riddhima ' Lets just forget for a moment she is married. Then would it be fine if she went with Armaan if she was dating Sid. It may be considered fine we have many such mega hit movies portraying e.g. DDLJ Simran was supposed to get married to someone else but ultimately urges Raj to elope with her.
Now considering she is married ' The KANK story is also fine with many because it is better to let go instead of making a mess of everybody's life however late that realization comes. Late realization of love for the hero is fine but not for ex-lover is it? Just another thought I do not stand by it though.

What I feel ' Considering there is definitely a story plot being built hence such events is necessary.
All I will say is let the story take it's course. Before the actual story begins there is always a build up phase. I feel current happenings are a build up phase events.

What are these events or indications of it '

Armaan ' Crossing his fingers while promising Riddhima he will let go of the memories ' translates into his current denial of facts and living in his dream land.

Shashank saying such obsession hurts apnoko (Riddhima) and dusroko (Shilpa cause she likes Armaan but not vice versa so dusroko). I don't know where to place Sid as aapna or dusra.

Sid ' He saying ' No matter what I will always love you vey much ' I guess this is adequate to say that he will always stand by and for Riddhima (Any person's happiness in love not obsession so Unbreakable bond will not be broken I feel Smile )

Tum agar dur chali gayi to mein mar jayonga & Riddhima getting anxious when Sid is out of sight for some time Sept 2nd episode ' Yes there will be physical distance between the married couple leading to realisation as to where the loyalties lie.

Mein kabhi nahi badlonga ' Something on the lines that I will never change - Sid turning negative, highly improbable. Definitely not to justify certain sudden change in story plots
Riddhima's over concern for Armaan ' Many a times there are things or people who tend to make you so preoccupied that you do neglect the most important things / persons or basic things in life.

When Sid said how any person can have such an effect on you that you are forgetting your patients and pati. If it had not been Armaan instead it Shashank's or a patient's health or some other work. Then would that be fine. I am saying logically think Why so much ruckus just cause it's her ex. This I also another build up for the story

There was one promo of Riddhima where she says kehte hain pyaar mein sab jayaz hota hai par is jayaz ka faisla kaise kare. Simran urging Raj to elope  is jayaz if yes then trying to die for one's love can also be considered cause both with cause equal humiliation for the families involved. Both situations from highly accepted mega hit hindi movies Anyways not really intending to pass judgements on right or wrong here just thinking aloud 

Now this was another build up for the decisions Riddhima took or choose to stand by in those month's episodes

That promo was made such that it becomes controversial. However, I see another another angle. Riddhima is the narrator there hence not entirely voicing her feelings but stating the course of events and putting forth a question. Though her facial expressions say otherwise Hence I say that what I said in the first line of this para.

During Riddhima phase before and after the panchagani incident her reaction were destructive -  self and others. Sid did make a comment on this during the conversation before the first marriage. In Armaan's case it is also the same case self destructive - self and others street fights, writing in blood, isolating himself, misbehavior, etc. When she says pyar mein sab .......... what if that promo was aired now again all hell will break loose. These are just ways of build up Then also Riddhima choose to stick with her marriage And like I said earlier there is a lot of consistency in her characterization. And as per her character sketch on the Star one website it resounds 'Integrity'.

The EMA should not affect SR so much because they do have a certain understanding.  Once I had seen a play where the wife is always preoccupied with her social work and a particular co-workers thoughts and ideologies constantly talking or trying to be like him including wearing khadi etc. Her husband is supportive also voices the same Sid's priority list concern at times. She understands and works on it. The husband does mention that if you want to think of those things and that person all the time it is fine. All is well in the end. I see SR in same light. They are now the let go and let live type of people.

Shilpa ' She once said that I will not let anyone come between Sid and Riddhima. She would be instrumental for Armaan betterment consequently others also.

So like Pocahontas says take it as it comes. And please stop being negative of Riddhima She is the one to take the story forward I am sure it would be really difficult if in reality one had to be in Riddhima's shoes have empathy and have faith in the CVs they are here to make money so they will not let the show go down so they cannot let the characters degrade cause they carry the story forward.

And even if they do mess up with Sid's character or Riddhima's character it will lead to another track or story to form SR also happened the similar way.

If anyone did read this post sorry for the long one

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