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RASS Leela - CVs Ki

I feel I am pretty courteous in putting forth my views hence kindly keeps your views the same if not please do not take the trouble to comment herein.

Please note these are writer personal views about the serial and character. There is no intention of bashing any character Hence like previous post I shall stick to events in the serial I do not intent to keep giving references while trying to answer questions and / or allegations so please kindly recheck the episodes before commenting

Currently change of course of the story -

I don't think I need to specify but for the benefit of some let me. Riddhima thinking she has not gotten over Armaan. ( As per the press conference ) armaan wanting Riddhima to tell everyone the truth and saying truth solves all problems. Secondly he will not allow her to make the same mistake again.

Wonderful point of views from both characters. But this is what I call inconsistency

Riddhima - When I made the post for Riddhima ( I will still stand strong on it Even in recent episodes she has made specific statements against armaan.

As for her so called realization which I feel is temporary confusion of emotions. I feel she is not able to understand how could she feel some strong emotions for her ex which she also felt for her husband. She does not know how to feel about all this

She definitely feels tainted cause she does say how can Sid be soo nice and telling him will destroy what she has built with him - that is their marriage.

The way ahead for her should be - (logically speaking and if CV want to defy logic to keep somebody happy be it fans or actors then good for them) She will continue to have mixed emotions as to how to react to situation Like said in the last post she does not know how to react and she said the same today also 'I don't know how to handle all this'

And if they do show that she was indeed not over armaan yet decided to marry Sid then they are indeed butchering her character sketch. (please check the star one site) and yes she used Sid completely the way he accused her after LT fiasco

I have full empathy for this character cause she is definitely once again in a situation placed by acts of others (as always) wherein she will lose all she has worked for.
So now let me list those acts -
1. armaan leaving her after the shoot out without telling her the truth - Not her fault her world came crashing down
2. Sid - clicking nasty photos - tainted her reputation
3. armaan leaving her second time - she almost died ( hypothermia) and the what followed later leading to marriage
4. sid divorcing her - atleast talk before sending divorce papers
5. armaan - approach post the meeting condemning the prank played on Sid
6. last but not the least the last week incident - armaan should have stopped when she first pulled away from him He should not have brought up the past If she wants to live in a false world good for you you don't have to live with a liar

Anyways she still has my sympathy but yes if it goes AR way she is definitely butchered character. Lord bless this character And Especially Jennifer Winget who will be the most cursed either ways I am not being sarcastic 

Love stories should have differently angles not constant triangles just to keep the soap going

armaan - This character preached that truth solves all problems Give me one good episode where he has told to truth up front that he is preaching truth. He either hid truth keep someone from getting hurt. So do it now Sid will not get hurt let him live in his dream world Smile
He did not tell the truth as he feared loosing Riddhima's love and trust Now why is he preaching truth so that he can be with her. Will he ever tell Riddhima that for brief moments he felt something for Shilpa I would really like to know this answer

What does he mean by Ab aur jhoot nahi - his one jhoot (leaving Riddhima and asking her parents to tell her he left her cause he did not want to be with a handicap girl) was the start of all this mess Or should i say interesting track
The inconsistency is he say if she loves him she needs to tell sid next scene he say she definitely only loves him He is not sure what she thinks.What is the point of making such a big thing only on assumption just as Sid did He assumed she loved armaan hence sent divorce papers.

And I seriously don't understand what does armaan mean by saying dobara galti kardi by marrying Sid second time. Riddhima's first marriage was a first galti her wanting to stay with him only should be second galti and her marrying him from free will should be third galti Big smile He himself at one point wanted them together na then what was that kaunse number ki galti from Riddhima's side and armaan's side. LOL

Lord bless him cause unlike Riddhima who seems confused he does not so he is going to be hanged either by Sid Shashank Riddhima or SR fans or his fans or ............... how can I forget the person who is sent for him by God on the rainy day for whom he feels something SHILPA why cause she is Riddhima's sister and also not to forget if he does get cozy / mushy or is in love with again with Shilpa, Riddhima will hang him cause she will fear same fate as her for her sister And also his fan as to WHAT happened to ETERNAL LOVE were they not supposed to be romeo juliet heer ranjha etc etc etc  type love story with various angles cause this is a soap aired 5 days a week LOLLOLLOL .....Oh Yes but this is a soap and that in this century not some 1700s 1800s Hence it is Love Aaj Kal style Sooooooo Riddhima will realize she loves armaan and then will it be again some other realization then God forbid. And yes So if Shipa armaan happen what will armaan Riddhima love story and what will be the thursday episode event termed as ................I pity him actually I don't know cause this whole mess starts with him leaving Riddhima for whatever reason he left her without tell not once but twice Period

Sid - No one is soo stupid if your wife broke down saying she can't have a physical relationship with him a day before (for what ever reasons) He will not approach her the next day also not say mujhse kaisi sharam I will not call him insensitive cause his character is not shown that way proof car and park conversation today.

Any person will put 1 + 1 together but not his character Shilpa told him armaan has not gotten over Riddhima yet he makes statements tumne Riddhima ka khayal rakha or goes to him to talk about Riddhima (precap - based on the PC it will be either seeking advice or expecting support to be nice to Riddhima to calm her down)

Other wise he is shown mature and intelligent Please do not say he is child at heart but not in his brains His character is shown mature and intelligent

He is shown nice and yes if knows the truth (Riddhima only loves armaan) will turn very nasty Understandable reaction cause he will feel used or made a fool of Espically if she delays telling him The way armaan felt fooled of by Sid and Riddhima when he first came to know of the marriage. He beating up Sid was understandable reaction

Lord bless Sid and Shilpa cause they will always bear the brunt of the other two characters

Generally story line - There is no definite flow. Blatant inconsistency in important dialogues portrayal of feelings as well as expressions of the actors (which I feel is nothing to do with their acting skills they are decent actors) but both don't go with the flow.

And yes to end it if the story does go the AR way - my take would be
1. Riddhima would be taken as a butchered character and yes some inferring she used Sid is not incorrect She had ample chances to leave the marriage
2. Never trust anyone - Sid trusted Riddhima hence gave her space. He trusted armaan
3. Never give your 100% to a relationship definitely not if the one you are marrying has had a past
4. Other relationships - father mother sister brother in-laws don't mean anything So called Eternal love is most important even if he/she abandoned you twice
5. Help a person in distress but don't ever think of having any kind of nice feelings for that person
6. Or Never Help a person in distress even if the distress is partially and unintentionally caused by you that person may be there for you only in name of farz and portray as if their is given to the relationship and ultimately backstab you. Bottomline either ways you get damaged so save yourself additional trouble Don't help and be accused and be damaged.

I think the story going AR way is illogical and personally feel it will also not go that way. CV are there for business and I am sure they will land up having more episodes with two couples instead of playing ringa ringa with four leads or triangles

Finally to end Please Lord bless all with some sanity - CV and fans and yes Jennifer Winget I am sure many may be cursing her more than the actual character.

Please note all comments for Jennifer Winget are not at all SARCASTIC. I have high regards for her as an actress and she has my best wishes GOD BLESS HER

God bless

PS sorry for having changed the title third time but at all times i felt there was something missing

Hence now it is what it is RASS Leela - CV ki  (ringa ringa in circles with their triangles and all characters will be running after each other  - compete for olympics we may get a medal)

A- armaan

I add this

Further I would like to say that

In all probabilities

In AR there are majority who only like armaan and in SR people like Sid. That is why I am empathetic towards Riddhima No one understands her agony

AR Fans - All stubborn from armaan pov. And also they are just stubborn for having their fav couple Please read carefully my reasoning DO NOT RAPID READ
I say this cause a sensible AR fan will cease to demand for AR with the current story line as there is no logic to having the couple anymore Riddhima has come way ahead with Sid. Will arrman will be able to digest what Riddhima did on her birthday eve and if Anjali & Shashank tell him Riddhima has herself affirmed  Sid is the right choice and she has affirmed to have accepted him with her heart. Will he be able to give her the same freedom that Sid has given her - fine with her thinking of armaan as much as she wants and if she shows as much concern for Sid when married to armaan as she is now showing for armaan while being married to Sid.

Further more What guarantee armaan will not leave Riddhima again in any adversity to happen to him and what guarantee Riddhima does not have another realization and call of heart  

Further more Riddhima can never be the same with armaan even if she is crazily in love with him NEVER her character's traits will not allow her. Period no arguments can make me relent If others can be stubborn so can I be.

SR - This couple will never be the same again cause it is impossible for Sid to able to be the same with Riddhima and so is the case with Riddhima.

Effectively one lapse of good judgment from armaan and one from Riddhima has anyways spoiled three lives

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