Monday, November 1, 2010

DMG - Prediction of way ahead - TRP Terms

In the end I would say this is what is to happen -

The CVs know what they are doing They are in business to make money and they will do what it take to make it even if it mean creating sensation or spreading rumours
But if they indeed serious on the AR reunion tract then this will happen
Die Hard AR fans ' They basically like Armaan more so if Riddhima harbours soft corner for Sid like she does for armaan right now being married to Sid they will be upset
And also the story finishes until and unless this Soap love story is given another angle which can only be a triangle.
Sensible AR fans ' I don't think they exist cause they have ceased to be AR fans as there is no logic to having the couple anymore Riddhima has come way ahead with Sid. Even I wanted AR to unite until before the Lonavla trip fiasco cause there was still some logic to that turn of events. Their and my question would be I think Will arrman will be able to digest what Riddhima did on her birthday eve and if Anjali & Shashank tell him Riddhima has herself affirmed  Sid is the right choice and she has affirmed to have accepted him with her heart. Will he be able to give her the same freedom that Sid has given her - fine with her thinking of armaan as much as she wants and if she shows as much concern for Sid when married to armaan as she is now showing for armaan while being married to Sid?
SR ' Fans will quit watching for this couple may watch for Sid as majority like the couple cause of Sid
Shilpa may be forcibly paired with Sid maybe I don't know.
But effectively A large number of viewers will stop watching cause they watch for the story, narration, characterizations and all this needs a good flow and logic which currently lacks. Hence effectively what will happen to TRP
DOWN DOWN DOWN and the show OUT
Why cause '
Sensible AR fans ' Leave They firstly will no more be sensible AR fans they will be either watching for story armaan or Ridhhima will watch till a point if they don't see sense will leave
SR 'True SR couple fans will quit straight away or turn into Sid fans and watch for Sid if he continues to play a role in the story.
And General viewer will watch on and off maybe cause in case something nice turn come will start again if not stop
BIG QUESTION How many will continue to watch only for a HOT COUPLE episode over episode
I think you know your business well Hope you don't prove me wrong

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