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Did I hear realistic ????

Please read the post carefully My posts are very boring and not at all creative so request to pay attention to details specified below. Request to please do not rapid read

There are some of the continuity issues I noticed which were tooo blatant
Here the list begins ....By the way readers you all can add to the list would be interesting Smile

1. From what I understand armaan lost his memory and was supposed to give the exam if he fails has to do internship The story goes on and then were to get engaged.

They were STILL INTERNS at that point of time one the verge of completing internship
But shootout happened and armaan left Riddhima left

Assumption - Riddhima completed her internship in the Boston Sanjeevani

Question - where did armaan complete He was supposed to be sick (brain injury) How did he return as a Senior Doctor suddenly or did he do his internship in the cottage in Panchagani?

2. September 21st 2009 - Shootout happened Six months later some time in April armaan comes to know about Sid Riddhima marriage In his confrontation he asked 'tum mera 6 mahine intezar nahi kar sakti thi kya' September to April six months agreed. Later on in recent scenes he mentioned it as three months

He saw Riddhima in Panchagani in February start sometime and decided he has to fight death to return He did that got treated and did a All india tour of music concerts and returned in 1 months time. Quick treatment. On a lighter note (I am not bashing or accusing) He should have done this treatment earlier Sabko arraam rehata interesting storylines nahi hoti phir Smile

3. Riddhima got married in Feb 22nd she signed divorce papers in April end May start then Shashank told Sid and her to give their marriage 7 months. So from From May start if we count 7 months should be Dec start (if we include may) So how come in September he called them From what I understand the 7 months should be starting from May and not Feb. If we count from Feb yes those are 7 months But should it not be 7 months of living together under one roof

4. Ok Karva chauth is typically in the months of October or November But here it happened in the month of May chalo lets consider the month of the actual calender month of may as DMG october November then how come there were rains so many times in the months following So do they say that in DMG the monsoon is from the months of November to Jan or Dec to Feb. LOL  But wait that cannot be true because from what I understand that DMG does follow the same calender as we normal real people cause In the month of March The Holi scene was shown following which Sid Riddhima went for honeymoon. As per actual real calender Holi was on February 28th 2010

By the way Diwali Desara kha gaye no happy happy family time to be spent with their new damaad Sid.

5. If the actual calender month for DMG is indeed september then how come there was a shaadi typically there are no marriage mahurats after say June until Tulsi vivah Which pandit gave this mahurat? Agreed Jabardasti ke mahurat hote hai and shadiyaan bhi hoti hai but just a thought came to my mind

6. Before the rain-car rescue there was friendship day or some day (I don't really wish to check the episode) but again a couples of weeks later there was friendship day.

7. From what I am given to understand by my niece who is studying medicine internship is of 1 year So first why were armaan and Riddhima doing internship for 2-3 years. Sid came in September 2009 then if they are following actual real realistic calender year or DMG Calender year he should have completed internship along with others or does he also have to do so for 2-3 years

Chalo specialization armaan aur Riddhima ne kiya ..... Kiska specialization she once was shown doing a heart related operation where Sid assisted her plus Tamanna had a eye problem yet her patient. Plus Dr Kirti sent her for some other bylander patients list to some other doctor (i am not sure of the spelling nor know what it is I am writing what I heard ) OK fine she is general doctor who knows all and so is armaan But in after Sid accident she called armaan a specialist and Sid's injury was a ligament tears so I understand he may be may be specialized as an orthopedic Yes he could cause in the goofy presentation he is talking of hip replacement treatment along with Yuvi and JP But then Riddhima should be cardiologist cause she was talking of cardiac treatment. Furthermore then how come armaan and Riddhima were operating one patient together when Shilpa came to assist and they all had an argument about anastasia
Very honesty nothing looks anywhere close to real realistic I will definitely not want to be treated in Sanjeevani

Anyways the doctors there don't really work they are either in cafeteria Fire escape or locker room

8. Locker room se yaad aya Senior Doctors ko cabin hai with name plates also How come they need lockers. Chalo cabins change hote rahete hai which I completely find realistic but location of lockers also keep changing

9. In the first meeting of Riddhima and Sid in the locker room she is reminiscing old times and touches a locker which is supposed to be armaan's as per her. But Sid says it's Tamanna locker weeks later when truth is revealed she opens the same locker and fishes out armaan's stuff LOL

Lastly, Before the so called Goodbye in the Basket Ball court scene Riddhima's locker is between armaan and sid's locker with names on it now all displaced and no names plate Aree names tags sirf in teeno ke liye baki doctors kachara Also some lockers are soo high Ladders bhi nahi hai Shayaad Sanjeevani ke doctors 7 feet tall hai LOL

These are some of the blatant one the list can actually go ......All this in the name of creativity and real realistic portrayal. Real realistic portrayal should not only be for emotions but otherwise also.

Please note -
I have starting sequential now armaan and riddhima were there first then came Sid and the marriage part So please I am not bashing any character I am putting forth the sequence of event I will have to make reference to dialogues and scenes but only to put forth the flow of events and no reason behind why a character acted or reacted in that fashion So please do not come to argue he/she did not have any choice they were correct in their behavior etc etc etc

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