Monday, November 1, 2010

Repeat story ke liye Repeat promo

Seeing the current track I felt that since anyways the serial is going in circles and is addicted to constantly using the same scenes over and over again

Here is a promo they could use once again Why waste time and money to shoot a new one So here is the promo

CONFUSED Riddhima - Promo

In this she says 'ki kehte hai pyaar mein sab jayaaz hota hai par is jayaaz ka faisla kaise kare us jayaaz ko kaise chune'
I hope Sid and armaan help her soon to make her faisla cause nahi to viewers ko faisla karna padega whether to watch to serial on a daily base or monthly base. Cause any which ways mahino mahino tak story wahi ki wahi atki rahti hai LOL

One more thing please save a link to this post or promo cause I am sure after some months the situation will repeat and we may see a confused Riddhima again After all its is soap which is aired 5 times a week and Love story mein various angle ane chahiye na Par lagata hai in logo ne  geometry mein sirf triangle sikha hai. All in all we may need the link again Big smile

Baar Baar wohi post kya bananeka Smile Atleast I like to write on something different

Please note -

1. This post should be not taken too seriously and also should not be considered as bashing.
I still empathize with Riddhima current state of mind like I have done in all my posts

2. These are writers views only and do not intend to hurt any person's feelings If it unintentionally has happened please accept my apologies

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