Monday, November 1, 2010

Riddhima ki Mehendi - Dil ki sachai

Before Karwachauth when Riddhima ki mehendi karab hoti hai Sid has said

Tumhari mehendi rachne se pehli bikhar gayi janti ho kyu kyu ki tumhare dil mein sachai hi nahi hai'Riddhima ne jab bhi Sid ke naam ki mehendi lagayi to rachi hi nahi

Nor during karwachauth nor before re-marriage Hence proves uske dil mein sachai hi nahi hai

Please CVs when she does get married the next time please keep her in isolation with her hands tied to make sure mehendi rach jaaye nahi toh phir her husband to be will again say

'Tumhari mehendi rachne se pehli bikhar gayi janti ho kyu kyu ki tumhare dil mein sachai hi nahi hai'

And we will have to suffer another geometry class with triangle ka revision
Funnily still men want to be with such a dishonest women cause both the men in her life.

I feel bad for Dr. Shashank Riddhima's brainless husbands will come to him for free brain transplant treatment And once cured will definitely realize their mistake and Dhan te Nan ........... Divorce Riddhima..............and Shashank ka shir dard will be back in his house

Sochega kitni muskil se peecha chudaya aur phir se aa gayi LOL

Anyways Character sketch wise she is supposed to be a honest girlwho keeps saying 'Mein jhooti nahi hoon'  Then her character was butchered long time back Either the character sketch needs to be changed to dishonest. If they are going to justify that she is always confused because of which her mehendi rachti nahi thi. Then again please make additions to her character sketch cause that has become her character trait

Please note -

1. This post should be not taken too seriously and also should not be considered as bashing. I am humoring the characters' dialogues

I still empathize with Riddhima current state of mind like I have done in my posts where I have tried to understand Riddhima's character and I have not put the above disclaimer.

2. These are writers views only and do not intend to hurt any person's feelings If it unintentionally has happened please accept my apologies

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