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To CV Arsh SR ar fans & All with MY APOLOGY

Kindly note: I would instruct the children on this forum to please do not continue reading. There are other important things that you need to read. Kindly do not take this as humor or sarcasm. Thank you.
Also when I sayTo CVs, Arsh SR, AR fans & All  I say with no hard feelings This contains MY APOLOGY

I will bifurcate the post as per the people it is for so you all can read the part you want and leave the rest if you feel so.

To CVs / PH
Key points
1.  Strong Story Line - The writer in her interview mentioned that initially there was no specific story line. All were trying to put the best foot forward. Good approach in a start up.
But later if you do not channelize and streamline things then yes you will have problems. And you did. It has indeed led to debacle.

Situations and constraints should not define how you take the story forward. The story and character should always take precedence.

2. Inadequate emphasis to the characterThe character carries the story forward not the actor.
Best example I can give is of Mihir's character in Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Many may not remember the first actor who played Mihir without goggling the net. But do they remember the last?
When the first Mihir left; there was a lot of protesting. However, that did not stop the PH from hiring new one and taking the story forward. Slowly and steadily people adapted.

3. Lack of Confidence - You need have conviction in what you want to show.  I still do not feel you have conviction in showing aR together because all questions raised on the forum are tried to be answered in the following episode.

4. Courage - Cowardice does not help.
If you have the courage; show us what you can do to control the situation instead of situations and people's views control you and your storyline.
If you had given us new actors or logical story line at the nth moment we would have still accepted.
Some would take time but they would cause majority of your viewers are mature people who tune in at 8 after a long day to see good quality entertainment which does not mean glossy or hot scenes and dance numbers but a good story line.

TRY IT and TRY US............You will never fail You will get TRPs.
5. Many will say that real life and reel life/soaps are different - Well writers are inspired / influenced by reality and vice versa. Hence both way responsibility is important. If  you don't fulfill yours and continue professing wrong values and ideologies. Then the other has to ............

I have not talked about things that all the SRians or the mature crowd are talking since you can reference the same from the individual posts and my posts also. But do so if you can reason and do justice by confronting those questions and atleast answering to yourself.

Riddhima's character -  I saw strength of character and integrity in Riddhima hence took a liking to her. Majority of my posts are only about Riddhima  who is now a indeed butchered.
A protagonist whom no one wants nor is respected for her strengths which she should be portraying. Sad but true she is shown soo weak...........
But inspite of the butchering I will always carry fond memories of Riddhima............... she was indeed a beautiful character ruined now ..............

Last but not the least............ if you think you have done well by accepting aR fan base request over a strong story line. Then here it is for you written by a aRian 'the creative head confirmed and they rnt stupid to mess with AR fans'
This comment was later edited by the writer but still can be seen in one reply where it is quoted and I have a print screen of it

Another thing; what you have glorified  in recent times. Hope this does not happen to your loved ones.
Please check my post for details. It is a true story

And please kindly do not hold another conference instead brainstorm on  how to salvage the situation ...................It still can be salvaged..................... I am no great writer ..........But I think about business sense and logic and take humane approach.
Trust me if think of it ...............anything is possible an d yes you will get your Excellent TRPs back ..............

And if you wish to have press conferences then please I think I as a Riddhima fan would like a scene by scene explanation of how what and why she did what is shown...............

Srians & Arshians
Arshians were shown a beautiful dream and stolen away very rudely. I am sure much better is to come.
Srians -  Less said the better........ All have shown immense patience at times while trying to question logic. On a personal note; none of the arguments posted are incorrect.
We are people who loved the hope couple we shall hope to find better entertainment elsewhere.
Also we do not hold on to the past because we let go and let live.  We are sane enough to not take moral lessons from this serial atleast except one character that is Sid which now the CVs will butcher.
Don't cry about it ............ We still take the essence with us.

To Arians
I am genuinely happy for your group. One thing I learn from your group is 'try till you succeed'. But a question remains is it worth?
From what I understand from the style of posts you all belong to a very young age group. Hence, such craze is expected from this age group. But point to be noted is ................. one should learn from looking around oneself ............... Hope you learn the right things God bless you. I am not being sarcastic.

As this is indeed my final post on MF which I had promised in my previous post ( and so here it is

By degrading Riddhima character woman hood is portrayed in bad light. Arians did name calling when she was with Sid and now Srians are not accepting the fact that she indeed loves armaan (which if still shown then she has indeed used Sid for her ulterior motives. That is the only conclusion that can be drawn.).
Like mentioned in my previous post. The basket has returned and she has chosen her miseries And after she return back to her ex-lover her character is destroyed beyond repair. (which I know all will say her current husband wants her to. But no respectable man will hold another against that person's will.)

Yet we shall continue to hold fond memories of Riddhima and respect her cause we believe every human (not thing aka basket) has a right to happiness Hence so does Riddhima cause we still will respect her for the lady she was. However; destroyed her character may be shown and no respectable human would want to be associated with her. Yet any respectable human will always look at Riddhima with respect cause she indeed is a lady and a human. And respectable humans give all respect.
But no sane person can defend her actions now. So here it is once again.....

With this would like to say Goodbye. This shall be my last post on MF. I had a nice time interacting with many of you. An enriching experience in terms of wonderful nice pleasant and humane views that many shared with all.

Like always I shall put my disclaimer (though altered version) which was criticized by a fan saying it was strategically put. But my question to CVs is EMA is not a new concept and have been shown on television Why was the disclaimer running during the scene. Isn't a general disclaimer adequate? If not then I would recommend please have a disclaimer for every action of armaan and Riddhima during the recent few month's episodes.
  Please note-

1. Please refrain from using derogatory or abusive language Try avoiding fighting amongst yourselves.

2. I am trying to put my views forth and do not intent to hurt any person's feelings intentionally. If it unintentionally has happened please accept my apologies. Furthermore I have been courteous in giving my views hence kindly do consider before posting allegations that I have bashed.

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