Sunday, December 26, 2010

QQ - Reactions of a victim of abuse - Priya

Priya - a victim of physical / sexual abuse

Reactions for Aditya's advances -

First - Stiff resistance coupled with accusations of not understanding her situation aka her inhibitions to the extent that Aditya feels she is terming it as lust

Fair enough understood

During the kiss - Very quickly gives in without too much resistance and is also shown to start deriving pleasure (Please note the Aditya forcibly held her and kissed her to prove his love is love not lust - some sort of love proving session it was Dead)

Now - Shown wanting to assure Aditya that she does think he loves and not lusts for her and she indeed also accepts her love for him Apparently to dance on Zara Zara Kiss Me

QQ for the points highlighted in bold

How natural / realistic is this reaction of a physical / sexual abuse victim ???

It would be great to know your thoughts 

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