Monday, November 1, 2010

Theory Practical & Tests of Love

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There is a lot of confusion at times whether you love a person or 'in ' love with a person To understand better we would like to take you through the test of love
This test is divided into two parts
1. Theory
2. Practical
Let's try to understand the theory questions first. If you are clear in theory practical are always easy. Engineers and BSc grads will agree.

Answer these four questions and you will know whether you love the person or not (All questions to be answered)
Please note - The prospective person is the person for whom you are trying to decide your feelings

1. Whom do you think of most?
Ans - It should be the name of the prospective person

2. Would you feel nice if you see the prospective person with another girl / boy?

3. Who is that one person whom you like that you find life empty if he goes away?
Ans: But preferably the name of the prospective person ............This is little subjective question one can feel life empty even if their dog is lost or dies

4. Who is that one person with whom you would like to walk the journey life holding his / her hand?
Ans - It should be the name of the prospective person

Assessment : If answer to all the questions above match with the sample with an exception to question 3 then you are love the person
If answer to question 3 is also the name of the prospective person then too you love the person
So how do you decide whether you are in love with a person?
For that we have to practical

Practical -
This is called the acid test. (Something like litmus test remember chemistry). This will tell you whether you are definitely 'in 'love with a person or not
Have some intimacy with the person.
If you able to reciprocate then you are in'; if not you just love the person.
If not then you just love the prospective person.
So now go decide whether you are love or are 'in ' love with a person. Now you can go ahead and apply the knowledge

Lecture over ClapClapClap

Please note -

1. This post should be not taken too seriously and also should not be considered as bashing. I am humoring the situation. Request all to please refrain from using abusive language. We definitely can be humorous without being abusive.

2. These are writers views only and do not intend to hurt any person's feelings If it unintentionally has happened please accept my apologies

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